Earn a Living While Staying Close to Home

Our team is looking to fill regional haul trucking positions in Zeeland, St. Joseph & Cadillac, MI

Are you looking for a new, exciting role that keeps you close to Zeeland, St. Joseph, Lansing or Cadillac, MI? Grassmid Transport is looking for qualified individuals to fill regional trucking jobs. Our regional haul trucking drivers will haul food products, office furniture and other assorted goods across western Michigan. As a representative of our family-owned company, you'll get to make a difference than at other larger companies. Plus, you'll get to drive modern trucks and spend the weekends at home.

Once you fill out an application, our team will send you an email, give you a quick call and move the process forward if you're the right fit. Apply for our regional trucking job today.

We'll always treat you with respect

We'll always treat you with respect

Working at our company means you're a name and face for our business. If you're hired as a regional haul trucking driver, you'll enjoy:

  • Top pay
  • Weekends at home
  • Driver bonuses
  • Vacation pay
  • Health insurance
For more information, call us today at 616-875-8171.