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We'll Haul Your Goods Where They Need to Go

Do you need to haul produce, meat and other refrigerated goods? Grassmid Transport is the leading refrigeration transportation company in Zeeland, MI. Since 1971, our team has provided world-class hauling and trailer rentals for western Michigan and the entire United States.

If you need a trucking company to haul your food products, choose our team today by calling 616-875-8171.

Move Your Goods On Time

Our refrigeration transportation company hauls various types of food products in our refrigerated and dry trailers. You can count on us for:

  • Regional-haul trucking: Need goods delivered around western Michigan? Our team will transport your food products quickly, efficiently and carefully.
  • Long-haul trucking: Looking to ship to Florida, California or across the United States? We offer long haul trucking services to deliver your goods the extra mile.
  • Trailer rentals: Do you need somewhere to store refrigerated or dry goods? We'll let you rent one of our trailers to safely store your food.

Ready to get the journey started? Reach out today for an estimate on your chosen service.



Why You Should Choose Grassmid Transport

Our family-owned trucking company is a great place to do business. That's because we're always:
Timely | Efficient | Honest | Personable | Trustworthy
We'll always keep you up-to-date on your shipment status for a simpler, stress-free delivery. Contact our team today to see what we can haul for you.